Keywords Editor's Wrapper Help Page

Keywords Editor's Wrapper performs two major tasks:
  • Wrap your keywords for match types
  • Convert your wrapped keywords to a table for copy and paste to Adwords Editor
The strengths of KE's Wrapper is that it has many ways for you to perform the keywords tasks quickly and in bulk.

1. Overview

In general there are 3 steps to execute a command.
  1. Select the cells contain keywords that you want to wrap
  2. Decide on the output location and after output options
  3. Execute command

2. Explanations of the 3 Steps

2.1 Selecting Cells

The command will not execute if you select empty cell(s). You may select multiple columns and multiple rows of cells. You may select multiple non contiguous ranges of cells. However, certain commands or output options will not respond when you select multiple non contiguous range. The Add-In will notify when it happens.

2.2 Defining Output

A) Output Locations
You MUST know this:

  • When the Overwrite check box is checked, the output will overwrite the original keywords. 
  • When the Overwrite check box is unchecked, the output will follow the output settings your defined in Output Options form. The default settings of Output Options is to place output at Column A start from row 1.

Overwrite check box: It appears in both ribbon button and Match Option form.

  • Commands on ribbon will follow the Overwrite checkbox's choice on the ribbon. 
  • "Wrap" button command on the Match Option form will follow Overwrite checkbox's choice on the form.

Output Options form: Click on Output Options to define output locations and the actions after output. You can choose to place output at:

  • a specific column
  • the column at the right of your selected cells
  • the column at the left of your selected cells
  • a new sheet, at Column "A"
  • a new workbook, at Column "A" of sheet1

Watch the examples here.

B) After Output

There are two check box for After Output. You may choose to
  • Copy Output (for easy pasting)
  • Select Output
Copy Output appears in both ribbon and userform. So all ribbon commands will follow the Copy Output choice on the ribbon and the "Wrap" command on userform will follow the Copy Output choice on the userform.

Since ribbon does not have check box for Select Output, all commands on ribbon will follow the Select Output choice on the userform.

Read more here.

2.3. Executing Commands

Then there are two methods to execute commands:
  • You click on the ribbon buttons, i.e. Broad, Phrase, Exact, Modified Broad, Negative and Table, to execute command, OR 
  • You click on a Match Options ribbon button to trigger Match Types userform. After making your choices, click on "Wrap" button to execute command.
The ribbon buttons give you quick execution of commands but with limited options. The Match Types User Form is less convenient but it gives you more flexible options on how you want to wrap the keywords.

3. Buttons on Ribbon

3.1 Match Options Button

When you click on Match Options ribbon button, it will trigger Keywords Wrapping Editor user form. You define your wrapping options and output options before hitting "Wrap" button to execute command. This method allows you to wrap keywords with all three match types at once.

3.2 Keywords Matches Ribbon Buttons
  • Broad
  • Phrase
  • Exact
  • Modified
    •  Modified Broad: All Words
    •  Modified Broad : By Words
    •  Modified Broad: By Words Number
  • Negative
Although the buttons are self-explanatory there are a few points to take note.

  • If you unchecked the Overwrite button on the ribbon, the output location will be as per defined in Output Options userform.
  • Modified Broad: All Words will turn all the words in keywords to modified broad
  • Modified Broad: By Words will turn the words you specified in a userform to modified broad. If you click on "Inverse" check box, it will turns the words not specified in the userform to modified broad. Watch demo below.
  • Modified Broad: By Words Number let you choose words in the keywords to become modified broad by specifying words order number in the keywords.
  • Negative match is not useful for web interface Adwords. But if you are using Adwords Editor, you can wrap the keywords with negative match, convert the negative matched keywords to table and  copy and paste to Adwords Editor. Watch demo below.

Watch how "Modified Broad: By Words" works:

Watch how Negative match works below. It is not the most efficient way to upload negative keywords. You actually don't need the negative sign if you copy and paste right to the "Negatives" button with "Add multiple negative keywords". But this is just a demo to show what the function could do.

3.3 Table Button
The above demo on negative keywords shows what the "Table" button are meant for.

4. Keywords Wrapping Editor UserForm

4.1 Match Types Tab

When you unchecked "Overwrite" you can expand the match types to all three types in one click. You can also choose Modified Broad Match instead of Broad Match.

4.2 Output Options Tab

As explained in section 2.2.

4.3 Help Tab

Resources and information.