Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Select, Group and Compile Keywords

The Select command provides the most straight forward way to compile selected keywords into campaign and ad group for quick upload to Adwords.

Basically you select cells that contain the keywords you want to compile, define required outcome and click to execute.

This is particular useful when you

  • go through a list of suggested keywords downloaded from Google Keyword Planner, SEO keywords list, bottom of SERP, keywords competition tools, etc. 
  • edit, amend or expand existing campaigns 
  • need the keywords to be used in another ad group as negative keywords

In a click, the filtered/ selected keywords are compiled to a format readily to be loaded to Adwords.

Select Menu

The Table check box will decide the output format:

  • Table format for copy and paste to Adwords Editor, OR 
  • List format for copy and paste to Adwords through web interface.

After Output check boxes:
  • Select Output check box: Select the output automatically after the entire process
  • Copy Output check box: Copy the output automatically after the entire process
  • Delete Original: Delete the entire original keywords automatically after the entire process

These options will help you to copy and paste the output keywords to another program, i.e. Adwords Editor, quickly.

Click on "Select" Button to trigger dialog box.

(A) Output to Table format
This dialog box is for the output format to be upload to Adwords Editor.

(B) Output to List Format

This dialog box is for output format in list.

Demo 1: Output to Table Format

Select keywords, define settings, click to generate output.
The output format can be easily copy and paste to Adwords Editor.

Ad Group: You may choose to use the keyword in Active Cell as ad group name. You can further group the keywords by match type. (Active Cell is the only cell in a range of selected cells with white background).

There is an option to use keyword in the active cell as ad group name.
Active cell is the single cell in a selected range with white color background.

Copy and Paste to Adwords Editor

Demo 2: Output to List Format

In this processes selected and compiled keywords will be deleted from their original cells. This means you can work on the original list without fear of duplicating keywords.