Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Output and After Output Options

Default Output

In general there are two categories of output for Keywords Match Types commands.
  1. If you mark the Default Output ("Def. Output") check box: The commands will place the output keywords in the default location. However default location for each group of commands are different. Please refer to each commands group as below
  2. If you clear the Default Output check box, the commands will place the output at the location as defined in the "Options" of each command . 

However, there are 5 commands that are not respond to the Def. Output check box. This means, option made in Def. Output check box has no impact on these commands":
Commands that have NO impact from Def. Output check box option.

Defining Output Locations

When "Def. Output" check box is unmark/ clear, the program will place the output based on the settings defined in Options Ribbon button. In the case of Table commands and commands in Group Keywords, the output location is always defined by Options button and are not affected by "Def Output" check box.

These are the Output Options button for all the commands.

Each commands group has its own Options button to define output location.

You may refer to the help page of Output Options of each commands group below:

Define "After Output" Options

These 3 options affects all commands in Keywords Editor.

These three check boxes tell the application what to do after the output is placed at its defined location.

Select Output check box: Select the output automatically after compilation
Copy Output check box: Copy the output automatically after  compilation
Delete Original: Delete the entire original keywords automatically after compilation

These options will help you to copy and paste the output keywords to another program, i.e. Adwords Editor, quickly.