Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Match Options

Match Options provides a complete way to allow user to define Match Types to be applied to the selected keywords. The match types options include:
  • Broad
  • Phrase
  • Exact
  • Negative
  • Broad Modifier
    • for all words
    • for specific word or words in the keywords
    • for all words except specific word or words in the keywords
    • for specific word or words based on indicated word order

Select Match Types and Overwrite Output Option

The output option that you choose decide how you can select match types:

  • If you mark the "Overwrite" check box, the output keywords will be placed on selected cells and overwrite the original keywords. Thus you can only select one match type.

  • If you clear the "Overwrite" check box the output keywords will be placed on the location you defined in Output Options. (The default output location for this option is Column A, start from Row 1.) You can select and generate keywords with all match types.

Output Options available

Broad Match Modifier

If you mark Modified Broad check box, you have 4 ways to add modifiers

  • All words
  • By specific words as entered in the text box
  • All words except specific words entered in the text box (mark the "Inverse" check box)
  • Choose particular words based on word order (left to right and right to left)

Adding modifier to Broad Match.

Apply buttons: Apply your settings to the selected keywords in the selected cells. It will overwrite the original keywords.
Clear buttons: Clear the setting in the text box or check boxes.


Wrap button: Execute the match type wrapping command after all settings are properly done.
Clean button: Clear all the match types of the selected keywords.