Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Keywords Match Types Functions: Overview

What it does?

The commands in Keywords Match Types does two things:
  • Wrap your keywords with match types. This wrapped keywords can be copied and pasted to Adwords or Bing through their web interface
  • Convert your wrapped keywords to a Table format. The Table format is designed for copy and paste to Adwords Editor
It has many ways for you to perform the keywords tasks quickly and in bulk.

How to use?

In general there are 3 steps to execute a command.
  1. Select the cells with keywords that you want to add match types
  2. Choose settings to decide on output locations and "After Output" options
  3. Execute command by either
    • Click on the Match Options button. This option will trigger a user form that give you more choices in executing the match type command, OR
    • Click on the Match Type buttons, i.e. Broad, Phrase, Exact, Modified, Negative etc. These commands will quickly wrap your selected keywords with match types.
    • Click on the Table command to convert the wrapped keywords to Table format for easy upload to Adwords Editor
Executing commands
Decide on Output and After Output.

  • If the "Def. Output" check box is marked, the output keywords will overwrite the existing keywords.
  • If the "Def. Output" is unmarked, the output keywords will be placed in accordance to the locations defined by Options button.

Read more about Output Options.