Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Keyword Match Types Output Options

Default Output or Non-Default Output
In general there are two categories of output for Keywords Match Types commands.
  • If you mark the Default Output ("Def. Output") check box, the commands will place the output keywords in the selected cells and overwrite the original keywords.
  • If you clear the Default Output check box, the commands will place the output at the location as defined in the "Match Output Options" form or "Table Output Options". (The default output location for Match Output Option is Column A, start from Row 1. The default output location for Table Output Options is new sheet.)

Define Output Locations 

When "Def. Output" check box is unmark/ clear, the program will place the output based on the settings defined in Match Output Options OR Table Output Options.

Click "Options" button and select either: 
  • Match Output Options (Define Output for all match types commands)
  • Table Output Options (Define Output for Table commands)

You define output location at this user form. Just click on "Match Output Options" above to trigger this form. you can place the output at
  • Active Sheet
    • Any column. Just indicate a number. Column A is 1, Column B is 2, Column C is 3, etc.
    • Column at the left of your selected cells
    • Column at the right of your selected cells
    • "Insert New Column" check box will automatically add a new column. Output keywords will be placed at this new column
  • New Sheet
  • New Workbook. You can give a name to the new workbook. The workbook name will always end with date and time.
The default output location for this option is Column A, start from Row 1.

You have an option to add header to the output keywords list.

You have 3 options to convert wrapped keywords to Table format, i.e. Active Sheet, New Sheet or New Workbook. The default location for this option is New Sheet.

These three check boxes tell the application what to do after the output is placed at its defined location.

  • Select Output check box: Select the output automatically after compilation
  • Copy Output check box: Copy the output automatically after  compilation
  • Delete Original: Delete the entire original keywords automatically after compilation

These options will help you to copy and paste the output keywords to another program, i.e. Adwords Editor, quickly.