Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Edit Keywords Functions Overview

There are nine commands to edit keywords in bulk:

  • Split: Break the keyword phrases into words and place each word in a cell in the Excel. 
  • Append: Append (without mix) multiple words in multiple cells of the same row into one keyword phrase.
  • Combine: Combine word lists in multiple columns to form keywords phrases
  • Permute: Create keywords variations by rearrange word order of keywords phrases in full
  • Add Word: Add new word to keyword phrases
  • Remove: Remove specific words from keyword phrases
  • Swap: Swap word order of keyword phrases
  • Delete: Delete keyword phrases from a list based on specific words

I used Keywords and Keywords Phrases interchangeably. Both refers to word or multiple words used in PPC marketing. For instance: 
  • red color running shoes is a keyword or keyword phrase.
  • shoes is a word, red is a word, color is a word, running is a word


Each command comes with more options to let the user to decide on

  • how to perform the command and 
  • output location

Output Options

You will find the output option of each command in each of the Options menu as per the image above. More on Output Options of Edit Keywords Commands.