Monday, 9 June 2014

Combination, Group and Compilation

The Combination process flow will
  • Create new keywords by combining and mixing word lists in multiple columns
  • Define Max CPC, grouping method and ad group name, URL, etc.
  • Compile the keywords to an output format:
    • for Adwords Editor, OR 
    • a simple list for web interface

Example to illustrate Combination: you can combine multiple keywords list like
  • sport wear, i.e. running shoes, athletic shoes, sneakers, etc.
  • colors, i.e. red, blue, white, rainbow, etc.
  • brand, i.e. Nike, Reebok, Puma, etc.
To keyword phrases like "running shoes red Nike", "running shoes blue Reebok", etc.

This process is particular useful when you start a new project where the search terms contain many possible combination of words.

Capability and Limitation

  • This Combine command can combine as many columns (of keyword lists) as possible as long as the output is within the limit of 1,000,000 keywords.
  • The output keywords can be grouped based on the combination of selected columns
  • The grouping option is limited to the first 6 columns
  • The output keywords can be further grouped by match types
  • You can select the words in the first 6 columns to be added with modifier for Broad Match
  • You can have blank word in keywords combination. Read the example below in Demo 1.

Combine (and Mix) Menu

Based on the image above, the Table check box will decide the output format:
  • Table format for copy and paste to Adwords Editor, OR 
  • List format for copy and paste to Adwords through web interface.

After Output check boxes:
  • Select Output check box: Select the output automatically after the entire process
  • Copy Output check box: Copy the output automatically after the entire process
  • Delete Original: Delete the entire original keywords automatically after the entire process
These options will help you to copy and paste the output keywords to another program, i.e. Adwords Editor, quickly.

Demo 1: Output to Table Format

From raw keywords in Excel to Adwords Editor in just a few clicks.

You can group the keywords in 3 manners:
  • All keywords to be grouped into one Ad Group
  • Select columns in which the words in the columns will be combined as ad group name and that the output keywords will be grouped accordingly
  • The above both can be further grouped by Match Types.

More Combine Feature

You can have words combinations that skip certain columns.

By leaving a space in ONE cell at specific columns, you can get combinations without words from these columns.

For instance, based on the 4 columns words above, the natural combinations would be the 4 words keyword phrases like "kids audiobook CD shop",  "kids audiobook CD store", "children audio book download site", etc. However, you may want keywords without the words in column 3 and column 4. By placing a space (not empty cell) you can have combination like "kids audiobook", "children audio book", etc.

Adwords Editor
You can paste output to Adwords Editor in the Table format with or without campaign and ad group names. Please take note that you need to tick or tick off the check box at Adwords Editor to accept a table with or without campaign and ad group names. The check box is located at top left corner after you select "Make multiple changes" > "Add/ update multiple keywords" at Keywords Tab of Adwords Editor.

Demo 2: Output to List format

Combine, Match and Produce a List.
The output keywords list is placed at the right column of selected cells.
Again, there is no limit on word lists (columns) for Combine command. The Combine command can combine multiple lists of words as long as the output is less than 1,000,000 keywords. However, only the words in the first 6 columns can be added with modifier.