Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Broad, Phrase, Exact, Modified & Negative Ribbon Buttons

You can click on these Ribbon buttons to execute command to wrap keywords with match types.

  1. Select cells with keywords that you want to add match types
  2. Decide on your output location. Mark or unmark Def. Output
  3. If you unmark Def. Output, you may want to click on Options button to define the output location.
  4. Click on the button to execute

Output Options

  • If you mark the Def. Options check box, the output keywords will be placed at the selected cells and overwrite the original keywords.
  • If you unmark/ clear the Def. Options check box, the output keywords will be placed at output location as defined in Match Option Options. The default location of this option is Active sheet's Column A starting from Row 1.

More on Output Options.

Broad Match Modifier

You can add modifier through Ribbon's Modified button. There are 3 ways to add modifiers.
  • All Words: Add to all words
  • Specific Words: 
    • Add to words as specified in the text box, OR
    • Add to all words except as specified in the text box ("Inverse" check box)
  • By Word Number: Add to words based on word order no as specified

1. Add modifier based on specific words.
2. Mark Inverse check box to add modifier to all words in
the selected keywords except those indicated in the text box.

Add modifier based on word order number.
Order from Left to right and order from Right to Left.