Sunday, 4 May 2014

Keywords Editor's Adwords Wrapper Output Options

(A) Output Locations

You have many options in output location. By default, it will overwrite the original cells.
  • If you checked the "Overwrite" check box, the output will be placed on the selected cells and overwrite the original content.
  • If you unchecked the "Overwrite" check box, the output will be placed at the First Column of the active sheet starting from cell "A1". However this can be changed through "More Options" for output.

Checked and unchecked "Overwrite" Check Box

When you click on "More Options" you will have full range of output options. You can choose to place output at:
  • a specific column
  • the column at the right of your selected cells
  • the column at the left of your selected cells
  • a new sheet, at Column "A"
  • a new workbook, at Column "A"
When you unchecked "Overwrite" check box, the Add In will place the output as per your chosen Output Option here.

Output Location here apply when you unchecked "Overwrite" check box.

Here are two live examples:

1. Place the output at the left of your selected cells

Output at left of selected cells.

2. Place the output at Column "E"

Output at Column "E" (Column 5) of active sheet.

(B) After Output

There are two choices after output. You may choose to

  • Copy Output
  • Select Output

Copy Output
The Application will automatically copy the output and the output is available to be pasted to another program like Adwords' Keywords Planner, Adwords Editor, etc.

Select Output
By the default, the Application will keep the selection at the original selected cells. But you can choose to make the Application to select the output cells after command execution.

At Ribbon, you only have option for Copy Output. At User Form for Output Options, you have both options to Copy and/ or Select Output.

When you checked "Copy Output" the Add-In will automatically copy the output of the command for you to paste to other program, i.e. Adwords Editor, Keywords Planner, etc.

(C) Output Options at Ribbon & UserForm

There are two Output Options that are available in both Ribbon and UserFrom, i.e. "Overwrite" and "Copy Output".

"Overwrite" check box option appear in both Ribbon and UserForm. 

"Copy Output" check box option appears in both Ribbon and UserForm.

If you execute command using buttons on the Ribbon, the check box options at the Ribbon will prevail. If you execute command using the button "Wrap" on UserForm, the check box options at the UserForm will prevail.

Since there is no Ribbon check box for "Select Output", the Application will always use the Select Output option at UserForm.